Desert Coast Dance Performing Arts Virtual Dance Bunkai Performance 2021

Check out our video submission for University of Colorado Boulder’s Theatre and Dance department [un]WRAP (Undoing and Reimagining Writing, Research, and Performance) show, as well as the archive of the first “World Congress of Fusion Dance: Gather at the Delta” a study and conversation including “an effort to investigate, imagine and seed new ethical practices in a community that has awakened to the harmful histories of Orientalism, colonialism, genocide and slavery.”

Dancers Vieve Odell, Shannon Ashby and Shannon Wilwand perform three dances showcasing Dance Bunkai. The first dance is performed and choreographed by Vieve Odell. The second dance is performed by Vieve, Shannon A. & Shannon W. and choreographed by Vieve Odell. The third dance was choreographed by Rosa of the Red Tent Dance Studios and performed by Vieve, Shannon A. & Shannon W.

FREE February

If you’ve ever wanted to try a Dance Bunkai class, now is the time! Come check out a complimentary class. The first class is free in February! If your exercise and/or dance needs meet your expectations, or if you’d like to be a performer you can join for unlimited classes with all rehearsals plus a private lesson for $65/ month. Or you can buy a punch card with 6 classes for $55.

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