Adult Performing Arts Dance Fusion

Performing Arts Dance Fusion for Adults combines classical dance styles and original techniques creating an elegant and empowering dance form. Please watch the 5-minute tutorials on the Home page of the website to get a feel for this unique dance style as taught to Genevieve by Sensei Rosa of The Red Tent Dance Studio. 

Please contact Genevieve at for the current Adult class schedule.

“I love the adult’s Dance Fusion with Genevieve! The dance feels both ancient and modern as an art form, exercise and meditation. Emphasizing both strength and femininity, Genevieve is consistent in her encouragement and ability to teach to all levels. I enjoy most the connection felt in dancing in synch with the other dancers as a divine feminine collective.”

-Shannon Wilwand

About the Teacher                                               


Genevieve Huston Odell is Director of the Desert Coast Dance Performing Arts program for children and adults and a lifetime resident of the Central Coast of California. She resides in Morro Bay with her “team” which consists of herself and two daughters. Together the DCD team choreograph, teach, and design costumes and sets for their original storytelling dance productions.

Vieve’s Dance Bio

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