Kids Theater Dance

This is an interactive group of kids 9 yrs and up who have come together to express themselves through dance. Dance as a performing art is taken a step further to blend dance and theatrical expression. A unique blend of theatrical props, games, and improvisational tools encourage skill building, creative movement and dance!

These weekly classes build on each other. Regular attendance is encouraged and offered at a discounted rate of $40/Month. Drop–ins are available for $12 and each individual class offers a full hour of dance, creative movement and expression!
Every Wednesday 4:30-5:30 pm at Ignite Movement Studio

About the Teacher                                               


Vieve Odell is a lifetime resident of the Central Coast of California. She
resides in Morro Bay with her husband and their two daughters where they teach
and perform their individual art forms to the local community. Vieve has also
worked for the City of Morro Bay as a Dance Instructor with the Parks and
Recreation Department, and she is Director of the DCD Performing Arts group for children and adults.

Vieve’s Dance Bio

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