Meet The Teachers



 Vieve directs Desert Coast Dance Performing Arts and teaches the dance classes for kids and adults in Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo, Ca. She danced with Patti Harsch’s performance troupe Benat Serat for four years and began teaching the troupe’s Belly Dance class when Patti retired in 2013. During that time Vieve met Sensei Rosa, a World Fusion Dancer and Martial Artist. Vieve began co-teaching World  Fusion Dance with Rosa  in 2014. She trained with her for two years and in that time her life long love of dance was heightened by Dance Bunkai. In 2016 Vieve introduced this empowering yet elegant form of dance to the local community. She continues to train with Sensei Rosa and empower her students with Dance Bunkai and World Dance Fusion.

Sensei Rosa


Rosa danced through life as a child studying basic childhood dance including Tap, Jazz, Ballet & Modern through high school and college.  She has studied martial arts from age 17 and her extensive martial arts background includes holding a 5th degree black belt. She has trained in multiple systems including Iaido, traditional Samurai Sword. She has been a student and Sensei and ran her own Martial Arts Dojo for over 10 years.

Rosa has trained in World Dance including: Middle East – Traditional, Tribal and Caberet, Spanish, Indonesian, African and East Indian. Now all of these influences blend together in Rosa’s unique World Fusion style. Rosa is Founder of The Red Tent Dance Studio with locations in Oregon, Montana and California. She resides in southern Oregon and frequently travels to the Central Coast to offer intensive workshops with Desert Coast Dance Performing Arts.